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Friday, March 31, 2006


Before getting into the topic for today’s posting I want to state for the record that I am a Christian. I have been baptized twice, once early in life and again 22 years ago in a swimming pool just North of Fort Worth, Texas in the middle of winter. I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood and am very familiar with that religion. In fact, when I was in the service the local priest was surprised to learn that I was not catholic myself (but this is another story).

For today’s posting I want to discuss THE BIG QUESTION which is: why is it that in a country founded on religious freedom and our constitution guarantees that no government can impose its religious will on us, then why can politicians pass or not pass laws based upon their individual beliefs?

A perfect example is Roe V. Wade. Abortion was illegal in this country far many years until the makeup of the Supreme Court became liberal. Now we are two appointments away from a conservative majority which is expected to overturn Roe V. Wade at the earliest opportunity. Opponents to Roe are just waiting for the Court to change its political bent so they can file a suit which will and end up before the Supreme Court and be overturned. Any President can impose his or her religious beliefs upon the entire country given the opportunity to make a sufficient number of appointments to the Court. Any decision the Court makes becomes the law of the land. The bottom line is we have religious freedom up to a point!

Another example is Oregon’s “Death With Dignity Law”. The Supreme Court just ruled that the states have the right to pass laws allowing doctors to prescribe deadly medications to terminal patients who request such prescriptions. When this was debated in the Oregon Legislature opponents claimed people would flock to Oregon to legally commit suicide, relatives would kill seniors just to get at their estate, and other equally unfounded claims. Experience has shown that none of these claims have come to pass. Folks in Oregon just wanted the opportunity to have a choice. Over the years a few thousand people signed up but less than a hundred followed through. Last year, I believe the number was just 18, not a typo, 18. Many of the qualified people passed with the prescription within reach on the bedside table. Oops, I got ahead of myself and off the subject which is religious freedom or the lack thereof. The rest of the contentious subject is for the next posting. I’d sure like to receive your comments. You can use the Email address contained in the blog.
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