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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


In past postings I’ve requested readers to submit material we would post if the material seems credible. A reader responded, much sooner than we expected, by forwarding an Email from a California organization about the Death With Dignity Bill that is moving through the California Legislature and looks like it has a good chance of passing. AB 651, The Compassionate Choices Act will be heard next month in the Judiciary Committee. Below we have a copy of the Email and links to additional information about AD651 and peripheral subjects.

California Compassionate Choices Act Campaign Update for March 28.

This Campaign Update goes to people eager to keep abreast of the Compassion & Choices Campaign to legalize aid in dying in California.

Highlights of the Week

Hans Engel, MD spoke out in favor of the Compassionate Choices Act on the newly launched California Progress Report website and blog. The Compassionate Choices Campaign helps sponsor this website, to bring visibility and passionate support to progressive initiatives. Read Dr. Engel’s comments.

Last week’s Action Alert brought more California physicians to our cause. Thank you for signing up and for asking your doctor to sign on. At this time 1247 California physicians have registered their wholehearted support for AB 651.

The California Hospital Association issued a letter in opposition to AB 651. It is odd and unfortunate that hospitals would try to prevent the exercise of free end of life choice, especially when the choice does not impact them. In eight years of aid in dying in Oregon, only one person has used the law in a hospital. Ninety-four percent died in their own homes.

The Los Angeles Times published a profile of Booth Gardner, former governor of Washington. Gardner has Parkinson’s Disease and wants to spearhead a state ballot initiative for aid in dying. He would prefer a broader law covering people who are not terminal. The article reiterates the political and legal reality that the objective criteria of “terminal” are still needed to make legal aid in dying feasible. Read the LA Times article.

Opponents of AB 651 released a poll they commissioned and claimed it shows opposition among Latinos / Latinas. As a private poll, it was skewed to get answers they desired, and this week we told lawmakers how this was done.

The opponents failed to report that their own poll found 58% of those surveyed are inclined to SUPPORT the measure because “this is a personal decision made among a patient, family members and a doctor, the government has no business interfering.”
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This link will take you to C & C’s comments on the LULAC Poll.
LULUAC is an acronym that stands for: League of Latin American Citizens.
Here is the response to thr opposition poll.

The L.A. Times link does not connect because it is out of date. To find it you will have to go to the L.A. Times website and search back issues.

We’ll give you time to digest this information and then post information about Death With Dignity in Hawaii and our BIG question and some comments.
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