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Thursday, April 27, 2006


One of the great things about the United States of America is Freedom of the Press. Freedom of the press sets apart from just about every country on earth. It is who we are! Unfortunately, there are those in this country who think they have the right to limit this special freedom. Specifically, the State House of Representatives, under the direction of Speaker Calvin Say believe they have the right to limit freedom of the press. Here’s how they’ve accomplished it:

There used to be two press boxes at the rear of the house chamber. Now there is only one. This has the effect of squeezing all media into a tight area. The along comes Calvin and takes two seats for two members of his senior staff. Now print, radio, and T.V. reporters are really squeezed in a small, tight space allowing no privacy to do their jobs. For instance, if a reporter wants to discuss a story line with an n editor or a supervisor everyone else in the press box can hear their conversation. This greatly reduces their effectiveness in their jobs.

Why has House leadership done this? Do they have something to hide? As we used to say in the consulting business, “I smell a rat”. Something is definitely wrong in our House of Representatives.

Maybe the leadership has been in office too long and have gotten away with shenanigans in the past and are becoming more and more blatant in their actions. Do I o, once again, hear the phrase “third world”. I believe I do.

When are the people of Hawaii going to say enough to the leadership who treats them with contempt? When will the people reach up and jerk these so-called leaders off of their high horses? If it isn’t time now, it never will be for us to demand our most precious freedom of the press be returned to us!


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