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Friday, April 28, 2006

What's up With The Gas Cap Conference?

Last evening’s Gas Cap Conference Committee Hearing was interesting even though no agreement was reached. Those of us who pay attention to these proceedings got a strong impression that something was going on behind the scene just out of our reach. For instance, no news channels showed up but a young man from Senator Hemmings’ office did and he brought a large easel with a display panel with him. When the hearing began he moved to the front of the room being careful to not allow us to see what was on the display panel and he leaned the easel against the front wall. We never learned what this was all about because he never set up. Whatever he was expecting didn’t happen. Moreover, he works for Senator Hemmings, Senate minority leader who has no part in the Gas Cap Conference Hearing except as a Republican, he is against price regulation.

The interesting part of the hearing was the debate between Representative Joe Souki and Senator Ron Menor with Menor clearly being the better debater. Every time Joe Souki finished speaking he would sit back and look over his left shoulder like he was expecting an atta-boy or a pat on the back. I couldn’t recognize anyone on that side of the room that he might have been playing to. I’m a great believer in body language as a silent communicator of a person’s inner thoughts or intentions. Has he only done it once it wouldn’t have been noteworthy but the second time he got my radar up and I thought “whoa what’s up here”, and the third time I thought “something is definitely going on”. In addition to his movements the satisfied look upon his face was very revealing. It was as is he was saying “see what a good job I just did. So, like I wrote at the beginning of this posting, something was going on that we just cannot see.

They plan to reconvene at 2:00 P.M. this afternoon and face a midnight deadline. If no agreement is reached the current version of the Gas Cap stays in effect. Not the worst thing that could happen, in my opinion. Between 2 o’clock this afternoon and midnight they could meet and adjourn a number of times, we’ll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned. Aloha, George


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