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Sunday, May 07, 2006


The Oil Industry has done a great marketing job against the Gas Cap. We have been constantly hammered by Letters-To-The-Editor complaining about the Cap and how it doesn’t work. Those of us who understand marketing see this as a concerted effort. Meanwhile, the Honolulu Advertiser has said all along that they are against the gasoline price cap. Have they been printing mostly “Letters” against the Cap or have been balanced? I certainly don’t know. What I do know is that my letters in favor of the Cap never made it into print. Moreover, the Advertiser is still running stories against the Gas Cap. They’ve interviewed drivers in gas stations while they fill their tanks and ask about the cap. The predominant answer that makes it into print is, of course, against the Cap. Anyone knowledgeable about the Cap can tell by the driver’s answers that few are knowledgeable about the Cap and about whether or not it was working.

Friday, Governor Lingle signed SB3115 into law thereby repealing the Gas Cap. 3115 contained a caveat that said the Governor could temporarily reinstate the Cap anytime she thought consumers were being gouged. When signing 3115 into law she says she would never reinstate the Gas Cap. Well Gov., one should never say never, especially one who is elected to office; you may want to change your mind at some future point in time.

Many consumers believed the Oil Industry shibai that prices were kept artificially high by the Cap. It this is true prices should be coming down now that the cap is gone. However, according to AAA the average price for regular on Oahu has gone up a penny per gallon today, just two days after the demise of the Gas Cap.

On another note, just before it became illegal to raise campaign funds on the mainland, the Governor went to Houston to hold a fundraiser. Why Houston? Why not Detroit, or Jersey City, or Indianapolis, or any other city in the country? My guess is that she went to Houston because that is where big Oil is domiciled. Any large oil company whose home office is not in Houston is less than an hour’s flight time away by corporate jet. The oil companies, law firms, suppliers, and the entire food chain could express their thanks for the Hawaii Governor’s position against the Gas Cap. Now that the session is over I’ll have time to check this out and see who gave and how much they gave.


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