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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oops? Not!

During the 2005 legislative session, a Bill was passed into law which limits corporate political contributions to $1,000. This session SB 2922 calls for overturning the law. The justification being spouted by proponents is that the law was passed by accident. They must really be desperate because admitting to a mistake is definitely not their style. However, Conference Committee Report No. 185 clearly states “The purpose of this bill is to amend the campaign spending laws by, among other things:
(1) Limiting campaign contributions from banks, corporations, and nonresident individuals and persons;”
This does not look like a mistake to me. Rather, it looks like some thing they did to limit the fund-raising of the Republican governor and only now realize it also applies to them.
Late yesterday afternoon after a lengthy debate, the house recommitted SB2922. This means that unless they vote to pass it on Thursday after the mandatory 48 hour notice period, the contribution limit stays in effect. Apparently, yesterday they did not have sufficient votes to pass the Bill. By recommitting they keep it alive until midnight Thursday when the session ends. What will happen Thursday is anyone’s guess. However, the Representatives are being bombarded by Emails and faxes from good government fans requesting they not pass SB2922. It will be interesting to see if they listen to the wishes of the public or do the self-serving thing and vote to pass the Bill.
Stay tuned. With aloha, George


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