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Friday, May 05, 2006


The following allegation was widely distributed yesterday at the State Capitol. This allegation was not news to a number of persons who chose to ignore it.
Green Flash News May 4, 2006

“Representative Calvin Say violates state residency laws

Green Flash editor Jack Kelly today filed a complaint today alleging that Representative Calvin Say is not living in the district that he represents.

In the complaint filed with the City Clerk of the City and County of Honolulu, Kelly also Vice-President of Protect Keopuka Ohana, said, ‘Representative Say does not meet the qualifications of residency and as such is ineligible to serve as a state representative.’

Kelly says in the complaint that Say has lived at a residence in Makiki for the past 15 years with his wife and two sons. He has run for office and now represents Palolo on Oahu (House District 20). However, Kelly says that the representative actually lives in House District 26. Kelly is asking the City Clerk to investigate this complaint. ‘An investigation will show that Representative Say has clearly established a permanent and fixed residence outside of House District 20’.

’The mere act of maintaining a residence in District 20 does not constitute residency for electoral purposes,’ he added.

Kelly also asked the City Clerk to ‘refer this matter to the Attorney General or City Prosecutor to determine whether any offense was committed under HRS Chapter 19 (voter fraud).’

Asked whether he had any concerns if Say continues to serve in office, Kelly responded: ‘Continuing to serve in office may render any bill now being considered void and invalid.’”

Whether or not these allegations are true remains to be seen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't see this on Jack Kelly's
website ?
Was this a pass out at the capital ?

Also evidently you don't allow non-blogger account holders to post.
If you could re-consider that stance..

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