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Thursday, May 18, 2006


In yesterday’s posting we saw a letter from the U.S. Dept. of Education to Pat Hamamoto pointing out the lack of compliance by the Hawaii DOE “under the standards and assessment requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB).” Being out of compliance, our super DOE received two extensions for a total of 4½ years. As the letter points out they are still not in compliance and probably won’t be in 2007.

Pat Hamamoto shares the letter with Randall Yee, Board Chair and noone else. A request to put the issue on the agenda for the next board meeting is denied by Yee. This is unbelievable! This problem could, very likely, cost our school system millions of dollars in federal grants. Our two glorious leaders don’t seem to care, apparently they are only interested in covering their collective okoles. Yee keeps the Board in the dark and Hamamoto goes public with lies about how good her department is doing and how they are meeting goals. Is she nuts? Not really, I recognize a good marketing plan when I see one. Pat’s philosophy is to face a disaster head on and lie about it!

Randall’s philosophy appears to be, hide the problem and it will go away. Randall is preparing to put this nasty situation behind him by runing for the State Senate. He’s going to run against Senator Les Ihara, Jr. in the upcoming election. Senator Ihara is the best of the very few best in the legislature. He is the leader for all isues involving ethics in government, open government, and campaign finance reform. Moreover, he will only accept political donations not exceeding $250.00. Senator Ihara deserves to win espacially against an opponenet who hides important issues from his Board and who knows what else?

Getting back to the school board, I’m sorry to admit that I haven’t paid them much attention in the past eigtenn years I’ve been in Hawai. I have noticed nery little unplanned turnover, few if any of the Board Members ever lose an election. They seem to be elected for life and this is where the problem with your children’s education arises. I have also noticed that the spokesman for the Board is married to a long-time Board Member. Hmmmm. These third world situations keep cropping up, don’t they? Is the spokesman position a real job? I only see him quoted in the media a few time per year. Could this be evidence of the Board’s desire to treat us like mushrooms? Keep us in the dark and every once in a while throw some BS on us. Stay tuned. Aloha, George


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