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This Blast 'em blog is going to shine a much needed bright light on legislative shanigans. We will provide details of the wrong doing, give names of the doer, and describe the ramifications to the public. Initially we will focus primarily on consumer issues.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Here’s looking at you, again Bob-bee. In a previous posting we exposed the use of s corporate CEO as an intern by Bob “the Villain” Herkes. This intern is CEO of the HMSA Foundation. If you remember an amendment appeared magically out of Bob’s office and was inserted into a Bill after the public hearing. This amendment appears again in Conference Committee and Bob “the villain” jams it down the throats of the Senate Conferees by walking out of conference deliberations and in essence told the Senate and the public “accept the watered down draft of the House or let the Healthcare rate Regulation measure sunset”. If Bob “the villain” gets away with this ploy he will have benefited HMSA and Kaiser and screwed small business and the public. Currently, businesses in the State of Hawaii pay HMSA $1.8 Billion in healthcare premiums! Yes, you read it correctly, that’s Billion with a “B”!

Yo Bob-bee, they don’t need your help, they’ve got as big a surplus as the entire State of Hawaii.

In a previous posting I mentioned Representative Bev Harbin as one of the good guys in the legislature. The reason I selected Bev is because she does not sell out to corporate interests, she represents her constituents, the public and small businesses. Forget what you've read or seen in the media when she was first appointed, I've watched her in action ona daily basis. Click here for an example printed with permission: This also shows why I’ve chosen Bob “the Villain” Herkes as a project. He is just the opposite of Bev Harbin. He represents his own selfish interest above all, corporate interests second, and constituent interests a distant third if at all. I have made him my personal project. Every time he does something dumb, in favor of corporate interests, or against his constituents I will be on him like white on rice. Should any of Bob’s peer group think I’m only focused on him they might want to remember that the Blast’em turrets can rotate and bring guns to bear upon them at any time. Enjoy the read, George


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